so most of the waist is hidden under the waist line of the waist closing skirt.Jeans and white shirts, classic and clean, can be fresh in summer, but they must not be gaudy. It is ugly to stand in the green leaves and take photos when you are wearing colorful clothes. Especially for those who do not know how to choose clothes, they can try jeans, white shirts and white T-shirts. This is very simple and does not choose people. Although it’s not brilliant, it doesn’t make mistakes, and it looks clean.It is very important to improve the waist line and high waist shorts. Try to choose knee length skirts as little as possible. Don’t wear heavy shoes, such as thick and low shoes. They may make you taller, but from the visual point of view, they will be abrupt. Many people will choose pointed shoes when wearing clothes, but pointed shoes have a strong sense of aggressiveness.