The clothes of fat girls can be mainly black

The clothes of fat girls can be mainly black. Black is the most thin. If it is too monotonous, it can be appropriately matched with other colors. In spring and autumn, coats are generally worn, such as windbreakers and coats, which are two kinds of clothing that women like very much. A lot of times when we wear jackets, we are left open, so it is very important that the inner fit is not suitable. For fat people, it is very important to keep the color of the inner layer and the pants consistent, so that the slimming effect is much better. In summer, many girls choose sleeveless clothes in pursuit of coolness, and many of them are fat girls. If these fat girls have fat arms, they will give people a very fat feeling. Therefore, for fat people, sleeveless clothes are taboo and cannot be worn. It is best to choose sleeves

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