If the floral skirt is too , you can put a white coat or a shirt on it. Loose long T-shirt+tight jeans In general, the waist may be a little fat on the belly. Try to choose clothes that can cover the fat, but can not tighten the waist at the same time. Once the waist curve is highlighted, the weight and waist thickness will be exposed. The trousers can be either tight jeans or high waist ones. However, wearing a long T-shirt can cover the waist. Generally, white T-shirts and blue jeans are a classic combination. Although not outstanding, they will not make mistakes and are very comfortable to look at. It will not make people feel bloated if it is matched in a tight way.There are many styles of waist closing skirts. Most of the waist closing skirts are designed to cover the fat on the fish waist. Generally, the waist line of the waist closing skirt is relatively high