Bigger means slightly looser really

Bigger means slightly looser really one size larger. Whether it is a shirt, sweater or suit, you should pay attention to the shape of the body. The position of the shoulder line should be as close to your shoulders as possible, otherwise there will be a very strong feeling. . For example, the bread clothes that are most likely to appear fat must be well-sized. Tall and thin at the same time. If your shoulders are wide or your back is thick, try to avoid overcoats with shoulder pads. The coat with slightly dropped shoulders is more thin, and it does not appear fat at all while enhancing the aura. A high-end color is a color that looks very accented and attractive. In addition to the basic black and white gray, there are also khaki and grass green, which are really warm and textured in autumn and winter. There is also a relatively fresh and retro green series, which is a good choice whether it is layered or worn alone

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