Fat people are taboo to wear light-colored clothes

Fat people are taboo to wear light-colored clothes. People with a fat body can choose black, gray, dark green or dark blue clothes. Black and white are the most timeless classic colors. In contrast, black is easier to look thinner than white. Black is a cool color in tone division, which proves that cool colors can bring people more shrinking effect than warm colors. For fat people, it is best not to choose round neck clothes. This will not cover the flesh. On the contrary, it will give people the feeling of being fat. And if you boldly show a little bit and choose V-neck clothes, you can divert other people’s attention well, and you won’t make people feel fat. Moreover, V-neck clothes also have a certain modification effect on the face, which can make people feel fat. Make the face appear thinner and smaller.

The clothes of fat girls can be mainly black

The clothes of fat girls can be mainly black. Black is the most thin. If it is too monotonous, it can be appropriately matched with other colors. In spring and autumn, coats are generally worn, such as windbreakers and coats, which are two kinds of clothing that women like very much. A lot of times when we wear jackets, we are left open, so it is very important that the inner fit is not suitable. For fat people, it is very important to keep the color of the inner layer and the pants consistent, so that the slimming effect is much better. In summer, many girls choose sleeveless clothes in pursuit of coolness, and many of them are fat girls. If these fat girls have fat arms, they will give people a very fat feeling. Therefore, for fat people, sleeveless clothes are taboo and cannot be worn. It is best to choose sleeves

Green gives a fresh and comfortable feeling

Green gives a fresh and comfortable feeling, very white.
If you like pink, it is recommended to choose a pink with a higher saturation, which will appear more textured. The matching colors should not be too bright, and gray, white and black are preferred. Accessories not only add luster to ordinary outfits, but most importantly, divert attention to a certain extent. If you want to highlight the good taste of dressing, you can simply match some accessories, paint a nail, hide the sense of sturdy, and at the same time, the sense of sophistication is also revealed. V-neck clothes can divert attention more than round necks, and it also has a certain effect on the face. Modification can make the face appear thinner and smaller. Then try to use the belt to modify the proportion of the body. If the proportion of the body is good

Bigger means slightly looser really

Bigger means slightly looser really one size larger. Whether it is a shirt, sweater or suit, you should pay attention to the shape of the body. The position of the shoulder line should be as close to your shoulders as possible, otherwise there will be a very strong feeling. . For example, the bread clothes that are most likely to appear fat must be well-sized. Tall and thin at the same time. If your shoulders are wide or your back is thick, try to avoid overcoats with shoulder pads. The coat with slightly dropped shoulders is more thin, and it does not appear fat at all while enhancing the aura. A high-end color is a color that looks very accented and attractive. In addition to the basic black and white gray, there are also khaki and grass green, which are really warm and textured in autumn and winter. There is also a relatively fresh and retro green series, which is a good choice whether it is layered or worn alone

Dressing rules high waist is the third one

Dressing rules high waist is the third one, improving the waist line can show the waist, thin legs and long legs, and can also visually shift the focus. And the low waist line will only expose your wide hips, and it will also show a bad proportion, so you must choose carefully!
Although there is an old saying that tight-fitting tops are easy for fat girls to strangle, but too loose styles will not only look bloated but also look old-fashioned, and properly fitted styles can make your body look more neat! The cotton and linen material is comfortable and breathable, which is most suitable for summer wear, and the design of digging the shoulders is cool and dewy, and just right, the ruffle design of the sleeves is sweeter and more degree, and the bright colors make you more eye-catching in this summer.

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