A shirt and overalls are a great match

A shirt and overalls are a great match, whether it’s shorts or trousers. White shirt, is absolutely indispensable in the wardrobe piece. For a woman, a white shirt is as important as a piece of jewelry, and a shirt with wide-leg pants is best not too tight, or short, because it can give a person a heavy feeling, and a silhouette is best. In summer, in addition to matching t-shirts with shirts, shorts are more refreshing and artistic, and short girls can match high-waisted shorts to achieve a higher effect. There are many kinds of short skirts, such as little black skirt, umbrella skirt, pompous skirt, pleated skirt and so on. Make sure you tie the hem into the waist. Shirt and pants to work the basic tees, if it is work, suggest you can try to suit pants or pencil pants, the weather is hot in summer, so we’ll have to consider priority on fabrics, chiffon or yarn material will be better, a cool , and there is a certain sense, won’t appear too rigid. This short sleeved shirt with has

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