When same kind color had better have deep medium

When same kind color had better have deep medium, shallow the change administrative levels. Less than three levels of collocation is monotonous, too many levels are easy to produce tedious and loose effect. The figure resembles calabash same, bosom, coxal plump and round, waist is slender, curve is exquisite, very sexy. The person of this kind of bodily form wears the suit of low collar, tight waist narrow skirt or figure of eight skirt, qualitative makings is beautiful with soft close-fitting, this is very sexy, plump and feminine dress. Gourd shape if wear a big fluffy dress, will lose a lot of charm. In general, this body type also looks good in all kinds of clothes. The body is slender, the chest is medium or small, the hip is thin and flat

There is no abdomen and thigh side proud flesh

There is no abdomen and thigh side proud flesh. This kind of shape, should be easier to get dressed, but should avoid tight pants or low waist pants. Suitable for pleated skirts, loose suits, loose pleated pants. The upper body shoulder, the chest is thin, the small body abdomen, the buttocks is fat, the shape is like a pear. Because the relation of abdomen hypertrophy, often form waist line to rise, become upper body namely shorter. Suitable for loose suits, the purpose is to avoid attention to the waist. Next, jacket wants loose, length is appropriate in order to cover coxal, the pants that pleats deserves to go up wide jacket

Also can beautify this kind of bodily form very much

Also can beautify this kind of bodily form very much. Avoid tights, wide belts, pleated skirts, or draping skirts. There are so many BBBS around the hips and thighs that it looks like two bags are hanging around the thighs. This body type should absolutely avoid tight pants, which will only expose the shortcomings. Wear style simple plait skirt or trousers, the color chooses lightness and color text inferior dark color. Try to focus on the upper body and wear brightly colored silk, jewelry or accessories. Other inappropriate items: knee-length boots, tight shirts, large plaid, thick horizontal stripes or pants with pockets at the back. The petite below 155 centimeters in height is small

Matter belong to what kind of bodily form

Matter belong to what kind of bodily form. Due to the limitation of body length, the range of variation of clothing is higher or the robust body shape is much smaller. It is a waste of time for a petite person to think that wearing high heels or a towering hairstyle will make him thin and tall. And can seem funny or out of place. The best way to dress is towards a neat, concise, straight line design. The pleated skirt of vertical line, straight all pants, wear the same color series from head to foot or plain color clothes, the jacket that fits all makes the person of appears relaxed and natural. Large prints, heavy fabrics, too much color, baggy clothes, big flounces, tight pants, etc., should be avoided.